Chamber Nation

Chamber Automation
We think chamber of commerce automation is not simply a database that tracks membership but is only the starting point for a complete transition into a brand new way to operate a Chamber. If you find it harder and harder to present the value of membership, don't limit yourself to only a membership management system when you can implement a complete platform for growth.

Expensive? NO WAY, plans start at only $99 per month depending on membership size.

Chamber Consultant
Let us help you every step of the way at no additional cost.

We understand that many Chambers throughout the country are running on limited budgets and time. Everything we develop here at Chamber Nation keeps this in mind, so our solutions always include the consulting and support at no additional cost.

Why not buy a system that includes an on-call Chamber Consultant?

Chamber Assistant
In today's world, everyone is looking for that edge to impress their customers. In the Chamber world customers are called members, and they, too, are expecting great things.

The problem today is that members are flat out of time and energy to do much else but run their business and take care of their family.

Premium members are assigned a Chamber Assistant to do a lot of work for them. This is an amazing member benefit that you will get terrific feedback from.